Open Realty Template Support

Adding Templates

Once you have downloaded your template zip files, extract the contents of the compressed file and you should be left with a single folder of the template's name. In some cases your compression software may not extract the folder and only the files, in this case copy the files to a new directory with the name of the template you downloaded.

Unzipping files can be done by using "Unzipping" utilities. Mac OS, use StuffIt Expander Win platforms use WinZip 9+ (Windows) or Info-zip also 7-zip

Upload the template folder to your server to the following directory: Once you have uploaded the new template folder and all of the template files goto the template settings in the site configuration and select your new template.

Open Realty Directory

Template Directory

Admin Directory

Once you have uploaded the template to the template folder, you will need to log into admin and select the template. By selecting Site Configuration you will be able to do this.

admin directory admin directory
Template Directory

Adding Addons

If there are Free Addons included with the template they must also be uploaded. The following directory is here IF YOU DO NOT UPLOAD THE FREE ADDON THE TEMPLATE WILL NOT WORK.

When selecting a template, please make sure that your OR version that you are running is correct. With the rapid development of OR, template tags are often added or changed. If you try to use a template from a different version, it may not function properly. If this happens, please review the template documentation and change the template tags as needed.

Optional Main Templates

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