Open-Realty® Commercial Addons

Paypal Addon v4.0.0

is an OR addon designed to offer a payment method for agents to add listings. This addon is designed to work with the new layout of OR v2.5.x & up. Setup can include Subscription packages and/or Pay-Per-Listing packages with the ability to include several different options. Subscriptions are based on recurring accounts that offer an ongoing, uninterrupted account with the ability to add or delete listings as needed until the subscription is cancelled. PPL accounts offer listings based on expirations that are renewable as needed. The script automatically handles expirations and deactivation for expired listings. Agents can add listings to their account as needed.

ScreenShot | Open-Realty® Version: 2.5.0+ Only.

Paypal Addon Features: Click here.

Member Addon

The PayPal® Member Addon v1.0 is designed to allow charging members to signup in order to view all listing info. The listing template fields in OR can be setup to be viewable by members and agents only. Once they signup through PayPal, they can immediately login and begin viewing all property information. The addon offers packages available for members to choose from for the time frame their membership will last. Memberships are renewable.

ScreenShot | Open-Realty® Version: 2.2.0+.

Member Addon Features: Click here.

Notification and Pruning Addon

The Notification Addon v1.0 is an OR addon designed to notify agents of pending listing expirations, expired listings, and delete expired listings past the set grace period. Admin can set grace period and notification options and email. This addon is not needed if you are already using the PayPal Payment Addon.

Open-Realty® Version: 2.2.0+.

Notification and Pruning Addon Features: Click here.

Featured Agent Addon

The Featured Agent Addon v1.0 is an OR addon designed to allow agents to subscribe to be a Featured Agent. The addon includes a Featured Agent Block that displays a random Featured Agent image and a page to display all featured agents. Admin can set and unset featured agents by a click of the button, also.

Open-Realty® Version: 2.2.0+.

Featured Agent Addon Features: Click here.

Open-Realty® Addon installation service

We upload the Addon to your server, execute the install and configure the basic settings (excluding mod_rewrite).


After we have reveived your order, we will get back to you to schedule the installation. We will require the login details for your FTP server to install the Addon. We will use this information for installation purposes only and delete it afterwards.

Addon Installation Cost per Addon

Addon Name:

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What we do

  • We upload the Addon files via FTP to your Open-Realty® Addon folder.
  • We run the install script and setup the database if needed for the Addon.
  • We check the Addon and settings
  • Hand over the site back to you. Installation Service now ended.

What we do not do

This service does not include any modifications of the Open-Realty® source code or any Open-Realty® extension. It further does not include any modifications of the site structure, the content or the layout of a website. We will be happy to help you creating your website or developing OR addons as part of a separate service agreement.

Contact us here for more details.