About Open Realty Templates!

Open Realty Templates is a web design project by Awd Design & Ore.AwdDesign. We advance web business and products by providing cost-effective web design solutions for individuals and companies worldwide.

While the basic version of Open-Realty can be downloaded for free, we found that Open-Realty did not offer Templates to suit the growing number of Real Estate and Property customers.

Our Discovery.

People that downloaded Open-Realty did not only want a great program for Real Estate Listing they also wanted an attractive web site design for there Real Estate website.

Our Mission.

By offering a wide range of Open Realty Templates, services, affordability and uncompromising professionalism, we ensure that Real Estate companies get a great Real Estate website.

From the beginning we take on the technical workload out of designing a Real Estate Web Site. Our design team are proficient in HTML, CSS(1&2), PHP, JavaScript,MySql , Java etc., and we have gathered the resources necessary for creating high impact high qualty Real Estate Template for you.

Open Realty Templates creat brand new turnkey Real Estate Web Sites,
And all we charge is from $4.99 instead of $2500+ for a Real Estate Web Site.

This Site.

This site is powered by the latest version of Open Realty and designed by Awddesign.co.uk

License Information.

Open Realty Real Estate Templates and Addons provided are not supported or provided by Transparent Technologies, Inc. Open-Realty® is a registered trademark of Transparent Technologies, Inc. that is owned by Ryan Bonham, the lead developer for Open-Realty®.
Full licensing and information about Open-Realty® can be found Here . All copyrights and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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