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You will receive everything you need, a ready to go Template for Open-Realty® Real Estate software with a beautiful Real Estate Template already designed for you.

Open Realty Real Estate Templates is a premium source for high quality ready to go website templates for the Real Estate and Property Industry starting as low as $4.99!

All Templates Work with the Latest Versions of Open-Realty 2.5.x, 3.0.x, 3.1.x

Open Realty Real Estate Templates can also be used to build your Real Estate and Property webpages or even a huge corporate site or for use as an offline presentation the list is end less!!!

While the basic version of Open-Realty® can be downloaded for free, Open Realty Templates are customized templates ready to go in your Open-Realty® software....

Enjoy our professional Real Estate Template archive !

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Simple installation

It only takes a few minutes to install the template. Upload the files to your "templates" directory. Then, go to admin and select your new template. The template comes with a detailed installation guide too as well.

Since the template is 100% CSS based, you can easily customize it to fit your individual needs. You can change colors, background images and element alignments with only a few clicks. CSS hacks eliminate most of the existing browser differences!

Addons for Open-Realty

Open Realty Addons are a great way to enhance your Open-Realty Real Estate Software without editing the Core code of Open-Realty.

This will make upgrading to future versions of Open-Realty much easier and faster for you and prevent you from ending up with an unsupported version of Open-Realty due to code modifications of the core code and files.

Customize Open Realty Real Estate Templates.

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