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Editing a Template

The main.html Template is used as the standerd design for open realty. Also page#_main.html can be used as a main template for the site that is based on the page number. All our designs at Open Realty Template uses this type of design method. Knolage of Editing templates is a must if you would like to ajust a template. Information on tages can be found here Template Documentation section. Customization service go here for more info.

Use our customization service to save you time and money, go here for more info.

Open Realty Default Template.

  • main.html - This is the default template.

Our Design Tools
Adobe Dreamweaver - powerful HTML editor
Notepad++ - Text editor
Adobe Photoshop - powerful graphics editor
Adobe Fireworks - web design software
For a template customization service go here for more info.

More Info can be found here:
For a list of editors that you can use can be found here. HTML editors

Here is an example of a Template Design.

This is the standard open-realty template vertical-menu. You can see the template structure in the 3rd image.

Open Realty Directory

Template Directory

Vertical-Menu Template.

Here is an example of ordemo1 Template Design.

OR 8020 Template.


  • main.html
  • page1_main.html
  • page2_main.html
  • page200_main.html
  • page300_main.html
    • featured_listing_horizontal.html
    • featured_listing_vertical.html
      • listing_detail_default.html
      • listing_detail_mainjavacolumn.html
      • listing_detail_mainjavarows.html
      • listing_detail_slideshow.html
      • listing_detail_tabbed.html
        • search_class_default.html
        • search_page_default.html
        • search_result_box.html
        • search_result_default.html
        • search_result_nophoto.html
        • search_result_tabbed.html
          • view_user_default.html
          • view_users_default.html
            • popup.html
            • printer_friendly.html
              • vtour_classic.html
              • vtour_default.html
              • rss.html

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