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Listing Detail Template

These Templates are used when the user selects to view a property listing. The Listing Detail Template is used and is determined by the administrator from the configuration screen. The standerd listing_detail_default.html is used on all our designs at Open Realty Template. All other Listing Detail Template are optional and details on how to ajust these template can be found here. Use our customization service to save you time and money, go here for more.

Default Template used.

  • listing_detail_default.html - This is the default listing View template.

Optional Template.

  • listing_detail_mainjavacolumn.html - This is the Listing View with Java Image with thumbnails in columns.
  • listing_detail_slideshow.html - This is the Listing View with Slideshow.
  • listing_detail_mainjavarows.html - This is the Listing View with Java Image with thumbnails in rows.
  • listing_detail_tabbed.html - This is the Listing View template with all the elements layed out using Tabs. (New in 2.3.2)
  • listing_detail_pclass#.html - This is an optional listing detail template based on the property class where the # is the property class ID. If you create a listing detail template with this naming for a specific property class then it will be used for listings in that property class, overriding your listing detail setting in the site config. When a template doesn't exist for a specific property class the setting in the site config will be used.

Customization service go here for more info.

More Info can be found here:

Here is an example of a Template Design.

This is the standard open-realty template vertical-menu. You can see the template structure in the 3rd image.

Open Realty Directory

Template Directory

Vertical-Menu Template.

Here is an example of or8020 Template Design.

OR 8020 Template.


  • main.html
  • page1_main.html
  • page2_main.html
  • page200_main.html
  • page300_main.html
    • featured_listing_horizontal.html
    • featured_listing_vertical.html
      • listing_detail_default.html
      • listing_detail_mainjavacolumn.html
      • listing_detail_mainjavarows.html
      • listing_detail_slideshow.html
      • listing_detail_tabbed.html
        • search_class_default.html
        • search_page_default.html
        • search_result_box.html
        • search_result_default.html
        • search_result_nophoto.html
        • search_result_tabbed.html
          • view_user_default.html
          • view_users_default.html
            • popup.html
            • printer_friendly.html
              • vtour_classic.html
              • vtour_default.html
              • rss.html

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