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Optional Main Templates

page#_main.html - This is an optional main template for the site that is based on the page number. If you wish to have a unique template design for a specific page such as having featured listings in a section of the template on the home page (Page 1) but not the rest of the site then you can create a page1_main.html template with the differences you want. Open-Realty will use the page#_main.html template for pages where the alternate main template exists, if there is no specific main template for that page then it will default to the main.html template for that page. (# would be the page number you want to use this main template for)

You can specify a PageID=# variable in the URL for any page on your site in order to specify an alternate main template file for the page you are displaying. To do this you would add page_link_101 if your new page is called page101_main.html.

More Info can be found here:

Here is an example of a Template Design.

This is the standard open-realty template vertical-menu. You can see the template structure in the 3rd image.

Open Realty Directory

Template Directory

Vertical-Menu Template.

Here is an example of or8020 Template Design.

This template structure has be designed with 4 additional Optional Main Templates. Here you will find that you will need to ajust the content by hand or by using a editing program. If you wanted to use the builtin editor you will need to remove the page#_main.html (#) represents the page number.

OR 8020 Template.


  • main.html
  • page1_main.html
  • page2_main.html
  • page200_main.html
  • page300_main.html
    • featured_listing_horizontal.html
    • featured_listing_vertical.html
      • listing_detail_default.html
      • listing_detail_mainjavacolumn.html
      • listing_detail_mainjavarows.html
      • listing_detail_slideshow.html
      • listing_detail_tabbed.html
        • search_class_default.html
        • search_page_default.html
        • next_prev.html New
        • files_listing_horizontal.html New
        • files_listing_vertical.html New
        • files_user_horizontal.html New
        • files_user_vertical.html New
        • search_result_box.html
        • search_result_default.html
        • search_result_nophoto.html
        • search_result_tabbed.html
          • view_user_default.html
          • view_users_default.html
            • popup.html
            • printer_friendly.html
              • vtour_classic.html
              • vtour_default.html
              • rss.html

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