Software Delivery Policy

When you have purchased your product via the payment link to Paypal. You will receive an email containing download instructions and other important info, to the email address you used with Paypal to complete your purchase.

If you paid with an "Paypal eCheck", please note that the delivery is not instant. This process takes 3-8 business days to clear with Paypal. Once the payment is cleared, an email is automatically sent to your Paypal-connected email address with your download instructions.

The Software packages are delivered after payment has been authorized, verified, and cleared to bank account. will make reasonable efforts to complete the anti-fraud verification process as quickly as possible, however actual verification depends upon billing information provided to Paypal and may take up to several days for verification.

Software is delivered to you by Internet download (zip file) only.

Unzipping files can be done by using "Unzipping" utilities. Mac OS, use StuffIt Expander Win platforms use WinZip 9+ (Windows) or Info-zip also 7-zip

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